International Cooperation in Urban Planning

Université Grenoble Alpes

In a nutshell

The Master of International Cooperation in Urban Planning (ICUP) is offered by the Urban Planning and Alpine Geography Institute (IUGA) of the Université Grenoble Alpes, which is in the Top 150 of the renowned Shanghai Ranking for the quality of its research and in 4th position of the top French higher education institutions.

The programme prepares students for new professional opportunities in the context of globalisation and the consequent urban, economic and social evolution of cities.

The master degree offers a solid culture about cities and a deep knowledge of technical tools needed to manage complex urban projects. It prepares students to become urban planners capable of adapting to different contexts and issues including, but not limited to: accessibility, urban poverty, marginality, and post-crisis intervention.

Students will acquire a large panel of skills needed to develop planning in international contexts:
– Knowledge and analysis of local contexts (observation, evaluation, collection of qualitative and quantitative data)
– Strategic planning (urban and regional policies, territorial management)
– Urban planning (urban design, stake holders participation, economic management).

The Master of International Cooperation in Urban Planning (ICUP) is jointly accredited by the National School of Architecture of Grenoble and officially accredited by the Québec Urban Planners Association. It is recognized for the obtainment of urban planners’ qualification, delivered by the Professional Office for Qualified Planners (OPQU) and officially approved by the Association of European Schools of Planning.

UGA may be chosen within the Mundus Urbano programme for specialization in planning, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS), housing, and public administration issues. For further information, please visit the IUGA website and the blog of the programme.

Curriculum / 60 ETCS

Module 1 – Urban Planning Techniques / 6 ECTS
Urban project workshop: building with local materials and people
Representation and mapping tools
Introduction to cooperation and urban planning

Module 2 – Urban Planning Workshop / 6 ECTS

Module 3 – Regional and International Studies / 6 ECTS
Housing policies in Europe
Tourism and regional dynamics
Cross-border cooperation & EU programmes

Module 4 – Research Methodology / 3 ECTS

Module 5 – Participatory Project Management / 3 ECTS

Module 6 – Research Seminar / 1 ECTS

Module 7 – Professional Management and Skills / 4 ECTS
International workshop
Internship preparation
Cooperation and planning in transitional contexts

Module 8 – Language Course (French or English) / 3 ECTS

Module 9 – Polyglot Project / 1 ECTS

Module 10 – Internship / 10 ECTS

Module 11 – Master’s Thesis / 20 ECTS

Institut d’Urbanisme et de Géographie Alpine (IUGA)
14 Avenue Marie Reynoard
38100 Grenoble, France

Contact person

Dr. Marta Pappalardo

Programme Assistant