Application deadlines: MU opens its yearly applications between the period of October 15th until January 15th of each year. This also serves as the same deadline for MU scholarships, which only take the form of tuition fee waivers. Additionally, MU Scholarships are exclusively awarded to the candidates who select double degree tracks.  For self-financed students, the deadline for application submission is extended until April 15th.

How to apply

The application process for the TU Darmstadt requires that all students register and complete an application form online.

For international candidates: the online application is accessible through the following link. Additionally, please ensure you fill out the additional questions form. It must be attached to the hard and soft copies of your application.

For candidates holding German degrees: the online application is accessible through the following link. Please select the programme “International Cooperation in Urban Development (Master).” All candidates holding a German degree should also fill out the additional questions form.

Application materials

Along with documents enclosed with the TU Darmstadt application form (transcripts, degrees, etc.), please also provide us with:

  • Statement of motivation (max. 2 pages) detailing: assessment of previous academic focus, previous work experience and its relevance to the Mundus Urbano course, the benefit that the course may contribute for your future career, your preferred choice for second year mobility, short overview on how you plan to finance your studies
  • List of publications (if any)
  • Proof of nationality (scan/copy of passport)
  • Reference names and contact data (optional)
  • Proof of professional or academic work experience and length
  • Proof of English language requirement
  • Additional questions form

Application submission

Hard copy: please submit your hard copy with the necessary certified copies to the International Admission Office at the following address:

Technische Universität Darmstadt
Dezernat Internationales
Zulassung International / International Admission
S1|01 R109 – 115
Karolinenplatz 5
64289 Darmstadt

Please do not send original documents. A certified copy is a copy (often a photocopy) of a primary document, which has on it an endorsement or certification that it is a valid and true copy of the primary document. Such certification is provided and signed by a nominated person or institution, authorised by legislation to do so. The authorised person/institution varies between countries. For example, they can be: a court clerk, solicitor, or public notary.

Soft copy: you are also required to prepare an electronic version of your entire application by scanning your documents and compiling them into one single .pdf file. The naming format should be as follows: family name_name_country of origin.pdf. This electronic version of your application must be sent to

For more information please refer to the FAQ page on the programme website.

Eligibility criteria

In order to be considered as a student of the Mundus Urbano Master’s programme, applicants must provide proof of a set of eligibility criteria, including academic qualification, relevant work experience, language proficiency in English, and a convincing justification for selecting this course in light of personal interest and intended career development.

Academic requirements: applicants must provide proof of successful completion of a first university degree or the equivalent to a Bachelor degree in the European Community within related disciplines, such as:

  • Architecture
  • Urban, Town or Regional Planning
  • Human Geography
  • Sociology/Anthropology
  • Civil Engineering

Grades obtained in previous university studies must be ‘good’ or better.

Professional requirements: general knowledge and understanding of urban development and/or international cooperation issues is an essential asset to benefit most from the courses offered in the Mundus Urbano programme. Such understanding is best achieved through a minimum of one year of previous work experience (including volunteer work and/or internships) in a profession related to the subjects of study.

If the work experience of an applicant is shorter or in a different field, the experience may be compensated by a relevant subject studied for a previous university degree (for example urban planning, architecture, urban sociology, geography, urban economics, politics etc.) or by relevant personal publications.

Fee structure*

First year of studies at TU Darmstadt

Tuition fees are 8.000€. The tuition payment plan is as follows:

Winter semester: 1.000€ deposit is to be paid by 15th June. The remaining 3.000€ is to be paid by 31st October.

Summer semester: 4.000€ of the remaining fee is to be paid by 30th  April.

Second year of studies at TU Darmstadt

Winter semester: 5.000€ full tuition fees are to be payed by 31st October.

Second year at partner universities

The tuition fees and the payment plan is as follows.

UIC (Barcelona)- Winter semester: 10.381,12 € are to be paid by 31st October.

UGA (Grenoble)- Winter semester: 3.000€ deposit to be paid by 31st October. Summer semester: 1.000€ of the remaining fee for summer semester is to be paid by 30th April.

URTV (Rome)- Winter semester: 6.146€ full tuition fees are to be paid in two instalments : 3146€ by 1st October and 3.000€ by 1st December. In order to get the final certificate students are requested to pay 32€ in duty stamps in June.

*Valid until 30.09.2022. Some changes are possible!

Mundus Urbano Scholarships
Since 2018, MU Consortium provides scholarships for each intake, which covers the tuition fees for the most outstanding candidates. MU’s yearly applications between the period of 15th October until 15th January is also considered as the deadline for the MU Scholarships, which pertains only to tuition fee waivers. Additionally, MU Scholarships are exclusively awarded to the candidates who select double degree tracks. This scholarship will not cover living expenses or offer additional support. Therefore, applicants are still encouraged to look for alternative sources of funding in case they should need it.

Funding opportunities

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD): Applicants for a DAAD scholarship are advised to apply for the urban-studies MSc course ‘International Cooperation and Urban Development’ and submit their Master thesis in Darmstadt. They are still eligible for the double degree if they spend one semester at our partner universities. Please consult the DAAD website for further information.

Architecture International Office: here is a list from the International Office (Arch.) for more scholarships options.

BAföG: the Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz (BAföG) provides financial help to German students and to foreigners who have the perspective to remain in Germany.

Other German foundations and donors: Catholic Academic Exchange Service (KAAD)Boell FoundationFriedrich Ebert FoundationKonrad-Adenauer-StiftungFriedrich Naumann FoundationEvangelische EntwicklungsdienstHans-Böckler-StiftungRosa-Luxemburg Stiftung.

Other scholarships: Mundus Urbano self-financed students are encouraged to look for third-party funding, such as national scholarships provided by employers, governments and foundations in their country of origin. International scholarship schemes are listed on specialized websites, such as: Scholarship Search, International Scholarships, and The World Bank, among others.