TU Darmstadt

Coordinating university

Prof. Dr. Annette Rudolph-Cleff

Consortium Academic Director

Annette Rudolph-Cleff coordinates the Mundus Urbano Consortium and the Master’s programme at TU Darmstadt. Annette holds a PhD from Karlsruhe University of Technology and is the head of TU Darmstadt’s chair for Urban Development and Design since 2006. Previously, she taught at the universities of Wuppertal and Karlsruhe. Aside from her teaching obligations, Annette is committed to research projects on energy efficiency and related fields. She is the Academic Director of Mundus Urbano.

Prof. Dr. Jörg Dettmar

Consortium Co-Director

Jörg Dettmar heads the Chair for Design and Landscape Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture since 2000. In 1992 he completed his PhD on the ecology of industrial derelict land in the Ruhr District, a region he has always been affiliated with. Jörg is devoted to several research projects, which are funded by different German federal ministries due to their outstanding contributions to interdisciplinary debate, including the projects “Sustainable Urban Landscape in the Metropolis Ruhr” and “Integrated Regenerative Energy Concepts in Urban Areas”. Aside from his position as professor, he works as a freelance consultant. Based on his vast experience – both academic and professional –Jörg teaches a multi-faceted introductory course on Urban Ecology.

Dr. Nebojša Čamprag

Consortium Manager

Urban planner and senior researcher, responsible for the management of the Mundus Urbano university consortium. Nebojša’s  research work has been mostly focused on interactions between globalization and the built environment on the level of international comparison. He is also the founder and lead researcher of the research lab and networking platform Urban Morphosis Lab.

Dr. Anshika Suri

Programme Manager at TUDa

In parallel to her post-doctoral research, Anshika is responsible for the academic coordination and overall management of the programme held at TU Darmstadt. She is also an alumna and graduate of the Mundus Urbano programme.

Edith Subtil

Consortium Administrative Assistant

Edith Subtil is responsible for Mundus Urbano administrative and financial issues. Edith speaks German, English, and Spanish language. Her office hours are Tuesday to Thursday, 9.30-10.00 and 14.00-15.30, as well as Monday and Friday 9.30-10.00.

Katharina Hoff

Consortium Communication Manager

UIC Barcelona

Prof. Dr. Carmen Mendoza-Arroyo

UIC Programme Director

Carmen Mendoza-Arroyo is an architect and a PhD researcher in Urban Design and Planning. She is an Associate Professor and an Assistant Director at the School of Architecture of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC Barcelona). She is the director of the Master in International Cooperation: Sustainable Emergency Architecture. Her research reflects on how the separation of the social and physical environments has caused a schism in the understanding of space, place, and social order. Her most recent research includes urban reconstruction and resilience in the field of emergency architecture as well as urban integration strategies for displaced populations and refugees. Carmen has published articles and book chapters, and edited a number of books.

Allison Koornneef, MSc.

UIC Programe Coordinator

Allison is from Toronto, Canada and has a background in Environmental Design from OCAD University. As a graduate of our 2012-13 class, her thesis analyzed participatory data gathering processes in informal settlements. During her internship with SPARC in Mumbai, India, she contributed to a sanitation survey using GIS mapping. She is passionate about water and sanitation, mapping, and participatory action in sustainable development.

UGA Grenoble

Prof. Dr. Adriana Diaconu

UGA Programme Co-Director

Lecturer in urban planning and development at the Institute of Urban Planning and Alpine Geography of the University of Grenoble Alpes and researcher in the Social Justice team of the PACTE laboratory. After training as an architect and urban planner, she obtained a thesis at the University of Paris 8 in 2010. Her research in urban studies focuses on vulnerable social groups in the city, from different perspectives such as imaginaries, collective memories or urban and housing policies. Interdisciplinary approaches, between the arts and social sciences, and the place of the body and experience in the appropriation and design of urban space are at the heart of its concerns.

Dr. Marta Pappalardo

UGA Programme Assistant

An architect and geographer by training, Marta took a PhD in Development and Planning at Paris-Nanterre University in 2016, jointly supervised by Naples-Federico II University. Her interdisciplinary stance combines an approach to the city specific to architecture and planning, with a socio-anthropological viewpoint. This hybrid yet complete methodology is key to her research work, in which architectural and urban observation and analysis link up with the survey methods of qualitative ethnography.

Prof. Dr. Cristina Del Biaggio

UGA Programme Co-Director

Since 2017, Cristina Del Biaggio has been working as Assistant Professor at the University of Grenoble Alpes. After completing a PhD in 2013, she was invited to be a post-doc researcher at the University of Amsterdam. From 2014 to 2017, she worked as Project Leader for the Swiss non-governmental organisation, Vivre Ensemble (, which provides information and documentation on asylum rights. From 2007 to 2016, she worked at the Geography and Environment Department of Geneva University, Switzerland, as a teaching and research assistant (2007-2013), then as a lecturer (2015-2016) and finally as a scientific collaborator tasked with organising a symposium on migration and asylum at Geneva University (October 2016).

Tor Vergata Rome

Prof. Dr. Paolo Paesani

UTV Programme Director

Professor of Economics and vice-principal of the School of Economics of the University of Tor Vergata Prof. Paesani holds a PhD from the European University Institute. He is actively engaged in teaching Micro and Macroeconomics both at undergraduate and post-graduate programmes. He has extensive experience in international context having paid service at the World Bank (Washington D.C.), European Central Bank (Frankfurt), working on issues related to fiscal policy and development, with a special focus on emerging market countries. Main fields of research: Economic policy, monetary economics and policy, history of economics.

Raffaella Sisti, MSc.

UTV Programme Manager

Ms. Sisti is the programme assistant of the Master in Development Economics and International Cooperation (MESCI).

Olga Raduchych, MSc.

UTV Programme Assistant

Graduated in Management of International Relationships and in Business Economics in Italy. Alumni of the MESCI programme.