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Mundus Urbano (MU) is a consortium of four European universities offering an advanced interdisciplinary Master of Science programme –International Cooperation in Urban Development. The programme addresses the dynamic challenges faced throughout the world due to rapid urbanisation processes. The two-year course is innovative in its interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary set-up and arranges knowledge around emerging global phenomena.

Transdisciplinary approach

Conventional town planning approaches have proven inadequate in dealing with the constantly evolving urban challenges. MU provides students with the highest quality academic resources and teaching staff. The program affords them insight into current development planning theories and practices, instigating them to propose architecturally, socially, economically and ecologically sustainable urban development solutions.

Diversity as an asset

The multi-faceted composition of both the Mundus Urbano student groups and teaching staff fosters a diverse learning environment and allows for the development of a global professional network. Coming from different parts of the world, lecturers and students have backgrounds that range from Architecture and Design, Engineering to Social and Political Sciences.

International double degree

MU produces advanced graduates who can innovatively address the complexities of phenomena facing the world’s urban populations, mostly in developing countries. The programme allows students to pursue a double degree in International Cooperation in Urban Development with specialisations in Development Economics (Rome), Sustainable Emergency Architecture (Barcelona) or Urban Planning (Grenoble).

Vast working field

Professionals are increasingly required to undertake projects internationally in the urban development field. MU builds the capacity to meet the challenges that this type of work presents. It prepares both professionals and academics for critically analysing and assessing the growing problems in urban areas internationally. Internship opportunities arise during the course. MU alumni are skilled to work in local and international institutions and have improved access to PhD programmes.

"The presence of a diverse student body and international faculty made this one of the most important learning experiences of my life, and opened up avenues and opportunities previously unfathomable to me."

Apoorva RathodArchitect, India, Class 2012-2014, Current affiliation: University of Gothenburg, Ph.D. Candidate

"The program itself helped consolidate and link up my previous knowledge on development. In particular, the course lecturers provided a real world perspective to current issues and provided a comfortable space to discuss and understand the intricacies of development.”

AnonymousAlumni survey

"Mundus Urbano gave me the opportunity to learn a more holistic approach towards urban development.

Blanca CalvoArchitect, Catalunya, Class 2011-2013 Current affiliation: Urbanists for Equity, South Africa

“The most relevant experience is the contact with professionals from all around the world, daily confrontation with colleagues with different backgrounds on urbanization issues, and the variety of topics addressed during the semester.”

AnonymousAlumni survey

"I can easily say that this program has changed the way I see myself as a professional."

David KostenweinUrban and Regional Planner Austria, Class 2011-2013 Current affiliation: ETH Zürich, Ph.D. Candidate

“Global views and perspectives from multidisciplinary students and professors in the program through sharing of experiences enriched the program.”

AnonymousAlumni survey

“Global views and perspectives from multidisciplinary students and professors in the program through sharing of experiences enriched the program.”

AnonymousAlumni survey

“Mundus Urbano prepared me to have a more global perspective and understand in a broader sense the challenges that cities face. I also gained great friends from around the globe.”

AnonymousAlumni survey

Applications are currently closed.

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