Venkat Aekbote

The strength of Mundus Urbano is the manner in which the theoretical and practical aspects of any topic were synchronised, besides the balance of lecturers between practicing professionals and academicians. Most of the projects that were explained were some of the best examples to learn from. The structure of the course was conducive to develop one’s interest along the way, culminating in an internship and a thesis. The meticulously planned study tour as part of the course contributed immensely and was a valuable addition to the knowledge gained in the classroom environment. 

Having completed the course, I can honestly say that my understanding has greatly increased and given me a broader perspective on urban issues that are most complex and challenging. The course offered an atmosphere to grow amidst some of the best minds in the world. The sheer reach of the programme, the calibre of the lecturers and students continues to impress me. I believe it has enriched me both as an individual and a professional. In short, it has been a wholesome and valuable experience of my life and I would recommend it hands down to anyone interested in complex urban issues.