Polina Koriakina

Mundus Urbano opened a unique opportunity to participate in the interdisciplinary Master of Science programme.  First of all we were involved not just into the study, but into the intensive and interesting process of learning. Then, we were lucky to attend the lectures of the professors, who came from the different countries and shared their valuable approaches and experience.

At the beginning, the learning process seemed to be a “disaster”. First, it was relatively difficult to get use to work with personalities from different countries, of different age and different level of experience. Second, it was not so easy to follow the intensity of the study and the frequency with which the professors were changing. Third, even if you have to change the place of living at least once a year – it is already a challenge. Finally, all these disasters, mentioned above, were nice and unforgettable. From my point of view, during the study students developed professional skills, reinforced their own identities, acquired a quality to be able to adapt to any kind of situation and environment – to be prepared to any kind of disaster.   As for me, I changed a general attitude to the speciality of an architect. The value of creativity from something granted transformed to the indispensable. The creativity could bring even in a very desperate social economic political situation a hope and an opportunity of development. There always should be an option for a creative approach as a way out of disaster.

So the value of a programme is hidden in its intensity, diversity, sometimes unpredictability – that trains you firstly to be flexible, to develop yourself and always to be able to find a solution in all kinds of situations of the contemporary world full of challenges.

Every disaster is a transition. Every day of our life is a certain transition from one state to another, after which we change a little bit. For me Mundus Urbano was a transition to the life full of responsibilities for myself, my family, my country and the whole world.