LucĂ­a Wright Contreras

Through my work as an architect and my passion for serving the poorest and most vulnerable, I came across situations in the field which led me to question issues related to housing, such as access to basic services, sustainability of infrastructures, land management, urban policies, and urban governance. Finding the program which strengthens research skills and fosters the networking of professionals from all over the world to form a critical think-tank for one full-year, followed by a specialized study focused on the cross-cutting challenges the world experiences today, is a dream come true for those who aspire to be world changers. Mundus Urbano offers an engaging and creative atmosphere connecting the academic and professional worlds with a unique lens of transdisciplinarity. This two-year journey is an exceptional experience which will continue to open doors to new worlds and opportunities. With special gratitude to my mentors and fellow colleagues with whom I continue to engage with in especially exciting endeavors, I encourage future generations to capture knowledge, draw new paths, and build a professional scenario where, by excellence, international cooperation in urban development works at its best.