Jamileh Montazer Torbati

After graduating and working as an urban planner in Iran, I was searching for a program that focuses on city development in the developing world, and Mundus Urbano was definitely the one stepping away from traditional urban planning and tackling urban issues with an innovative, interdisciplinary approach. It was a complete package of an international environment, a comprehensive program of studies and good exposure to academic and professional work.

I Joined Mundus Urbano in 2011, spent a year in Darmstadt, and the second one in Rome, and since the very first days in the small town of Darmstadt, without any doubt, my life with Mundus Urbano has been the most rewarding and exciting experience.

Now that I look back into what I have got from the two years of MU challenging experience, I have to admit it is not only a great academic background but also I got the best friends from all over the world. It has been such a unique experience with my Mundus Urbano's that I would say I got a family and an academic, social, cultural network from 7 continents.

After completing MU, I was fortunate to get accepted as a PhD student at TU Dortmund, my thesis would be on housing finance system in Iran, and its Achilles’ heel to channel housing credit to low income groups.