Elena Mozgovaya

Studying at Mundus Urbano (2011 - 2013) was in all regards a great worthy experience for me. Before starting the course, I finished a master program in management in Russia and Sweden. Back then I was also a head of the local department of  AEGEE (European Student's Forum). However, soon I came to realize that the field I want to work in is the sustainable urban development. And Mundus Urbano, with its international context, fitted perfectly. 

The first year we all studied at the Darmstadt Technical University in Germany, and my second year I did  in France at the Grenoble Institute of Urbanism. Among the points I especially appreciated in the program is its flexibility and a "personal touch" : because of the group size and uniqueness of the program, you have opportunity to tailor it to your needs and interests. I'm also happy about my colleagues: we were very diverse in terms of professional background and nationality, and it in itself was a great learning and personal experience. Connect it to the suchlike diversity in expertise of professors, selected for teaching in the program, and you will get the proper impression about the Mundus Urbano. 

Right after finishing the program, I started to work at Nexthamburg (where I did my internship during the last semester of Mundus Urbano), which is an urban think tank developing alternative ways of engaging citizens in urban processes. 

A new discovery, I recently made, is that graduating from the Mundus Urbano doesn't mean finishing it: once you become an "urbano", you are in the network of people with similar interests and values, and the enriching exchange, fortunately, goes on further.