Ana Livi

I am a 2010-2012 Mundus Urbano’s student. I attended the first year of the programme at the Technische Universität Darmstadt, in Darmstadt (Germany), and the second at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, in Barcelona (Spain). 

I consider that Mundus Urbano is a very special programme with an unique approach to international cooperation and urban development. I appreciated the way its curriculum was organized. In my point of view, the fact of having weeklong modules was positive because students were stimulated to broaden their perspectives on the spectrum of issues studied and to reflect on the way each one possibly interrelate. I enjoyed the opportunity of having an overall perspective of the complexity of urban realities, especially in Latin America, Africa and Asia that were the focus of the programme. 

Mundus Urbano offered to me beyond the academic knowledge the priceless opportunity of learning from the rich experiences of my master’s colleagues and professors from many different countries and backgrounds. My internship experience in Rwanda at UNICEF was also remarkable. It helped me to confirm some and rethink other important concepts regarding international cooperation I had before joining the master. 

In summary, my experience in the Mundus Urbano programme has significantly changed the way I see the world, specially the highly urbanized world, the way I plan my career from now on and even how I live my daily life. Now I have a broader and more critical view on the urban issues and I feel more confident to act in international cooperation and urban development, with a more humble attitude, with a greater respect for the views of others and seeking ways to support the empowerment of people.