Alumni testimonials

Lucía Wright Contreras

Architect, Mexico, Class 2013-2015

"This two-year journey is an exceptional experience which will continue to open doors to new worlds and opportunities."


Apoorva Rathod

Architect/Sustainable Development, India, Class 2012-2014

"The presence of a diverse student body and international faculty made this one of the most important learning experiences of my life, and opened up avenues and opportunities previously unfathomable to me."

Daniela Sanjines

Architect, Colombia, Class 2011-2013

"This experience has not only given me a global perspective on urban issues but has also prepared me to work in a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment."

David Kostenwein

Urban and Regional Planner, Austria, Class 2011-2013

"I can easily say that this program has changed the way I see myself as a professional."

Venkat Aekbote

Architect and Planner, India, Class 2011-2013

"The course offered an atmosphere to grow amidst some of the best minds in the world."

Blanca Calvo

Architect, Catalunya, Class 2011-2013

"Mundus Urbano gave me the opportunity to learn a more holistic approach towards urban development."

Jamileh Montazer Torbati

Applied Mathematics and Urban and Regional Planner, Iran, Class 2011-2013

"It has been such a unique experience with my Mundus Urbano's that I would say I got a family and an academic, social, cultural network from 7 continents."

Polina Koriakina

Architect, Russia, Class 2011-2013

"From my point of view, during the study students developed professional skills, reinforced their own identities, acquired a quality to be able to adapt to any kind of situation and environment – to be prepared to any kind of disaster."

Elena Mozgovaya

Manager, Russia, Class 2011-2013

"Among the points I especially appreciated in the program is its flexibility and a "personal touch" : because of the group size and uniqueness of the program, you have opportunity to tailor it to your needs and interests."

Pulendran Tharmendra

Business Administrator, Sri Lanka, Class 2011-2013

"I would highly recommend the Mundus Urbano programme for students searching for an unforgettable international experience."

Alessa Bennaton

Architect, Honduras, Class 2010-2012

"Applying for the scholarship and participating in the program opened a range of possibilities that I have only begun to explore."

Ana Livi

Architect, Brazil, Class 2010-2012

"Now I have a broader and more critical view on the urban issues and I feel more confident to act in international cooperation and urban development."

Nebojša Camprag

Town Planner, Serbia, Class 2008-2010

"Mundus Urbano program indeed opened a whole new world – not only in terms of new disciplines – which finally triggered off thinking outside the box."

Natasha Aruri

Architect, Palestine, Class 2008-2010

"What remains unaltered is gratitude for experiences made and lessons learned, pride of having endured and succeeded, and a conviction that I have become a better practitioner and scholar thanks – particularly – to this program."