Donna Drucker

Course: Academic Writing; Research Proposal Writing


Susana Restrepo Rico

Course: Housing and Neighbourhood Improvement

Peter Gotsch

Course: Cities and Urbanisation; Urban Safety; Project Planning and Proposal Writing

Jörg Dettmar

Course: Urban Ecology

Martin Ehlert

Course: Introduction to Statistics


Adriana Diaconu

Course: Housing policies and planning strategies for social and demographic evolutions in European cities

Yasar Adanali

Course: Participatory Planning and Design; Workshop I - Housing

Alejandro de Castro Mazarro

Course: Principles of Urban Design: From slum clearance to upgrading

Qu Cuisong

Course: Urban Design: sharing-space as a resource

Claus Hemker

Course: Disaster Risk Management; Reconstruction Project Management

Pratyush Shankar

Course: Urban Heritage: Theorize, Reflect and Speculate


Lauren Ugur

Course: Project Management

Nebojša Camprag

Course: Planning Theory; Urban Resilience (elective)


Anais De Keijser

Course: Mundus Urbano Sessions

Annette Rudolph-Cleff

Course: Urban Resilience (elective)

Bindu Mohanty

Course: Informal Urbanism 

Jochen Monstadt

Course: Urban Infrastructures

Bérénice Bon

Course: Urban Infrastructure

Geoffrey Payne

Course: Urban Land Management

Maria Ustinova

Course: Learning Environments Design: New practices for Development Professionals

Shanti Pillai

Course: Fundamentals in Socio-Cultural Theory: Globalization; Globalisation and its discontents


Forbes Davidson

Course: Development Agencies in International Cooperation

Sonja Bauer

Course: Geoinformation Systems (elective)

Mona Khechen

Course: Urban Heritage Preservation

Martin Wagner

Course: Urban Infrastructure - Water & Sewerage

Gül Tuçaltan

Course: Urbanization and Infrastructures 

Johannes Novy

Course: City Marketing

Claire Colomb

Course: City Marketing

Merlin Schaeffer

Course: Statistics

Nicolai Wendland

Course: Project Finance and Budgeting; Introduction to Urban Economics

Jeffrey Kenworthy

Course: Urban Mobility

David Jesuit

Course: Strategic Planning for Public and non-profit Organisations; Negotiations (joint workshop)

Jochen Monstadt

Course: African Infrastructures

Pierre Böhm

Course: Urban Development & the Planning Profession in 1920s and 1930s

Su Yunsheng

Course: Urban Planning and Green Building Studies in China

Renate Bornberg

Course: Urban Planning – European Perspectives

Dina Shehayeb

Course: Urban Planning – International Perspectives

Mbongeni Ngulube

Course: Global Identity in International Cooperation

Roger Keil

Course: Global Cities

Adrian Atkinson

Course: Urban Ecology

Brenda Galvan-Lopez

Course: Conviviality and Urban Culture

Martin Wagner

Course: Technical Infrastructures

Cor Dijkgraaf

Course: Urban Heritage Preservation

Annika Wolff

Course: Urban Governance

Michael Mattingly

Course: Land Management and Security of Tenure; Land Management and Taxation

Christoph Hesse

Course: Urban Design (elective)

Monika Grubbauer

Course: Academic Skills

Antje Matern

Course: Territorial Imbalances (elective)

Johannes Novy

Course: City Marketing

Zeynep Günay

Course: Socio-economic and Cultural Challenges

Geoffrey Payne

Course: Project Planning Techniques

Nicole Huber

Course: Negotiation Strategies

Natasha Aruri

Course: Conflict Resolution Approaches

Michèle Knodt

Course: Thesis Defences; Governance

Daphne Frank

Course: Slum Upgrading; Workshop: Slum Prevention

Kerstin Zillmann

Course: Gender Friendly Cities

Henning Wilts

Course: Sustainable Urban Infrastructure

Tilman Evers

Course: Conflict Resolution Approaches

Matthias Nohn

Course: Urban Management; Urban Development Strategies

Jo Santoso

Course: Project Based Workshop; Housing and Neighbourhood Improvement Housing and Neighbourhood Improvement

Markus Gasser

Course: Principles of Urban Design

Elisabeth Peyroux

Course: Urban Crime & Violence Prevention

Roland Ziss

Couse: Project Finance

Hannelore Börgel

Course: Development Aid & Funding Agencies


Ronaldo Ramirez

Course: Introduction to housing policies

Kosta Mathey

Course: Project Planning & Management

Tilman Evers

Course: Conflict Resolution Approaches

Dietmar Wiegand

Course: Steering Urban Development by Projects

Hudita Mustafa

Course: Urban Ethnology

Reinhard Skinner

Course: Funding Institutions in International Cooperation

Joaquin Diaz

Course: GIS and Urban Planning

Gustavo Riofrio

Course: Slum and Squatter Upgrading

Nihal Perera

Course: Urban Strategies Towards Globalization

Franco Frescura

Course: The Meaning of Public Space; Architectural Culture in Africa

Clara Irazábal

Course: Migration 

Wolfgang Scholz

Course: Regional Planning