Directors Board

Annette Rudolph-Cleff

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Annette Rudolph-Cleff coordinates the Mundus Urbano Consortium and the Master's programme at TU-Darmstadt. Annette holds a PhD from Karlsruhe University of Technology and is the head of TU-Darmstadt's chair for Urban Development and Design since 2006. Previously, she taught at the universities of Wuppertal and Karlsruhe. Aside from her teaching obligations, Annette is committed to research projects on energy efficiency and related fields. She is the Academic Director of Mundus Urbano.

Jörg Dettmar

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Dettmar heads the Chair for Design and Landscape Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture since 2000. In 1992 he completed his PhD on the ecology of industrial derelict land in the Ruhr District, a region he has always been affiliated with. Jörg is devoted to several research projects, which are funded by different German federal ministries due to their outstanding contributions to interdisciplinary debate, including the projects “Sustainable Urban Landscape in the Metropolis Ruhr” and “Integrated Regenerative Energy Concepts in Urban Areas”. Aside from his position as professor, he works as a freelance consultant. Based on his vast experience – both academic and professional –Jörg teaches a multi-faceted introductory course on Urban Ecology.

TU Darmstadt

Nina Gribat

Prof. Dr. Nina Gribat is the head of the Chair for Design and Development of Settlements (EUS) and full professor in Mundus Urbano programme, responsible for the first year taught in Darmstadt. Besides her involvement in teaching, Prof. Gribat contributes to the quality assurance of the programme and also supervises masters and doctoral theses.

Nebojša Camprag

Consortium Management
Dr.-Ing. Nebojša Camprag is responsible for the coordination on the relation between the EACEA of the European Union and the Mundus Urbano university consortium. Besides teaching and research activities, Nebojša is also in charge of  selection processes, both for perspective MU students and international scholars.

Anshika Suri

Programme Management
In parallel to her post-doctoral research, Anshika is responsible for the academic coordination and overall management of the programme held at the TU Darmstadt. She is an alumna and graduate of the Mundus Urbano programme herself.

Edith Subtil

Programme secretariat
Edith Subtil is responsible for the Mundus Urbano administrative and financial issues.
Office hours: Tuesday to Thursday 9.30-10.00 + 14.00-15.30; Monday and Friday 9.30-10.00 (German, English, Spanish)

UIC Barcelona

Carmen Mendoza Arroyo

Programme director
Architect. PhD in Urban Design and Planning. Associate Professor at ESARQ-UIC. Her research is focused on physical and social regeneration of degraded neighborhoods in the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona and informal settlements in South America. She is co founder of the firm DAC Arquitectura, Rehabilitació i Urbanisme SLP, in Barcelona, specialized in developing urban projects and the design of open spaces and social facilities.

Raquel Colacios

Assistant director
Architect and Master in International Cooperation: Sustainable Emergency Architecture at ESARQ School of Architecture, UIC. She is professor and co-director of the Cooperation Area of the ESARQ. She is co-founder of the firm Taab6 Architects in Barcelona, whose activity extends to countries like France, Belgium, Vietnam, and India among others. She has won several architectural and urban competitions, including a European prize in Pärnu, Estonia.

Allison Koornneef

Assistant programme coordinator
An Environmental Designer from Canada, Allison completed the Masters degree at UIC. Her Masters Thesis analyzed participatory data gathering processes in informal settlements and she will continue in a related field of research. Her interested include Water and Sanitation Provision, Informal Settlement upgrading, and Political Ecology.


Jean-Michel Roux

Programme director
Dr. Jean-Michel Roux is the director for students who take the second year of Mundus Urbano at the School of Planning from the University of Grenoble (France). Jean-Michel holds a PhD in Planning and is a CNRS researcher (PACTE unit). He is a CO-REP member of the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) and of the French Office of Professional Qualification for Urban Planners (OPQU). He is a co-founder of BazarUrbain (Young planner of the year 2007, France). He has led urban studies and projects in France, Switzerland, Italy, England, Algeria, and Lebanon.

Federica Gatta

Programme co-director
Associate Professor at Grenoble School of Planning since 2016 and CNRS researcher (PACTE and LAVUE units). Federica holds a diploma in architecture (Roma Tre University, Italy) and a PhD in Spatial Planning and Urbanism (Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense University, France). Her research is based on analysis of power relations between institutions and citizens’ collective practices in metropolitan urban transformations through anthropology and qualitative methods. Federica is co-directing Mundus Urbano with Jean-Michel Roux for students taking the second year in France.

Tor Vergata Rome

Carmen Tata

Programme Coordinator
Ms. Tata is the programme coordinator of the MESCI - Master in Development Economics and International Co-operation. She is responsible for the day-to-day management of the programme and courses for Mundus Urbano students taking their second year of study option in University of Rome "Tor Vergata".

Raffaella Sisti

Programme Assistant
Ms. Sisti is the programme assistant of the MESCI - Master in Development Economics and International Cooperation.