Technische Universität Darmstadt

The Darmstadt University of Technology is the host institution for the Mundus Urbano Consortium.  The first year of the Masters Programme is spent at TU-Darmstadt and is followed by a mobility specialization undertaken at one of the consortium partners. 

TU-Darmstadt is one of the leading universities of technology in Germany. It was founded in 1877 and has a reputation of high standards and demanding studies. Its continuous efforts to further research and the level of teaching have been locally and internationally appreciated and confirmed by various rankings and recommendations. Besides aiming at educating and producing the best professionals, the university also offers a large variety of language courses, sports and cultural events. TU-Darmstadt has an international student percentage of 21%, a considerably high percentage when compared to other German universities.

The Mundus Urbano programme is hosted in the TU-Darmstadt Architecture Faculty (FB15), situated on the campus Lichtwiese of the university. The programme is closely correlated with the Faculty’s urban planning and development institutions. The Faculty was the first German school of architecture and planning to offer specialized courses on planning and building in the developing world, in 1971, and until today maintains specialized departments dedicated to the interdisciplinary topics of urban planning, design and development.

El-Lissitzky Strasse 1
D-64287 Darmstadt

Phone: +49 6151 163637 / 7072

Living in Darmstadt

Darmstadt is a typical university town, conveniently located next to Frankfurt am Main, the economic centre of Germany, and close to leading international agencies such as the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ) and German Development Bank (KfW). Darmstadt offers excellent mobility connections, from the buses and trams inside the city to the railway and public transportation network of the Rhein-Main region, to which all TU-Darmstadt students have unlimited access.

Campus. The TU-Darmstadt international academic relations office is a first reception address for foreign students and also organizes socializing events for them. The Faculty of Architecture hosts a small cafeteria organized by the students, called Café Kuhle, which is located in the central hall of the faculty and is a natural meeting point for students.

Accomodation. The housing market is relatively tight in Darmstadt due to the high proportion of students in the city's population. Therefore it is advisable to secure a place to live in September, before the start of the programme, when an optional German intensive course is offered. Students can count on assistance in finding a place to live in institutions such as the housing office of the student union (Studentenwerk), websites with flat-sharing offers (e.g. the WG-Gesucht), the municipal housing association (HEAG Wohnbau) and the catholic student community (Katholische Hochschulgemeinde).