Application procedure for students holding a German degree


Step 1: Mundus Urbano programme application 

Please download the Mundus Urbano Application Form and fully complete it.


Step 2: Prepare the following documentation for your application: 

  • Mundus Urbano application form (for both Erasmus Mundus scholarship and self-financed applications)
  • Academic degree in the original language, and a certified English translation
  • Transcript of records for each semester in the original language, and a certified English translation
  • Proof of English language proficiency through TOEFL, IELTS, UNICert III, or proof that previous university studies were conducted in English (not required for native English speakers)
  • Copy of valid passport or identity card
  • Proof of at least one year of relevant work experience - certified by a letter from your employer(s). Includes relevant volunteer work and internships
  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae – any format  
  • Motivation letter – 2 pages max. 


Step 3: Submit an electronic versions of the application documents

You will need to prepare an electronic version of your entire application by scanning your documents and compiling them into one single PDF file (family name_name_country of origin.pdf). This electronic version of your application must be sent to mail(at) 

Applications that fail to submit the electronic version will result not be considered for a scholarship award. 

In first instance, students holding a German degree don't need to send papercopies of their documents!


Incomplete applications will not be accepted or considered for any scholarship awards.

Please ensure that you send only one PDF document with your electronic submission. Multiple pdfs will not be accepted.

Please do not include any portfolio work with your application.

The full application must be written and submitted in English. Any application documents, which are not originally in English, must be supplemented with a valid translation.

If your application is not sent on or before December 1st each year (postmarked date for hard documents) you will not be considered for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship award.

Students may apply for maximum of 3 (three) Erasmus+ courses.


If you receive a positive answer from the Mundus Urbano programme, procede to step 4!

Step 4: Application to TU-Darmstadt

The application process for the TU Darmstadt requires that all students register and complete an application form online.

The online application is accessible through this link. Please provide a pdf of your TU-Darmstadt application to the Mundus Urbano administration!


Application Processing

Please remember that eligibility to study in the Mundus Urbano Programme does not guarantee acceptance at the TU Darmstadt.

Places in the Mundus Urbano Programme are limited to 30 per year. 

The Mundus Urbano management office and consortium will process applications and will select candidates for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship awards according to specific evaluation criteria.

Scholarship decisions will be communicated to all applicants between end of June and July each year. 

Should you not be selected as an Erasmus Mundus scholarship holder, your application may then be considered for a place as a self-financed student. 

Please ensure you have indicated on your Mundus Urbano Application Form whether or not you wish to be considered as a self-financed student should you not be successful with your scholarship application.

Students awarded places in the Mundus Urbano programme will have to confirm their participation both electronically and in writing. Further details will be personally communicated to all successful applicants regarding these issues.  

For further enquiries regarding the application process please send an email to mail(at)

Please find the template for the Erasmus-Mundus Scholarship contract here.